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Whitehorse Transit has hired Stantec — a Toronto-based transit consulting company with a local Whitehorse office — to complete a review of its current bus service, and to provide recommendations and a long term plan for how it can be improved to make the system more effective, and efficient.

What is this study?

This study will result in the development of Whitehorse’s first Transit Master Plan, which will make recommendations for improving the routing, schedules, fares, vehicles, and general service of Whitehorse Transit to better meet the needs of local residents. Keeping in mind the environmental sustainability goals of Whitehorse and the Yukon, public transit can provide a sustainable, convenient travel option for many – this study will pave the way for a sustainable future.

Why are we doing this study now?

Whitehorse Transit stands at an important crossroads. With a growing population in the City, Whitehorse must plan now for the future of transportation and travel, encouraging residents to opt for alternate modes of travel such as public transit, walking, and biking – decreasing traffic congestion, and the need to own a car. In order to plan for generations to come, we are taking action now to ensure no decision is made without careful consideration of the impacts it will have on the local community.

Who will be involved in the study?

Stantec is working closely with Whitehorse Transit, local government, and key stakeholders and groups from across the Whitehorse community. This includes students, youth, seniors, First Nations communities, individuals with disabilities, transit staff, and many others. An online public survey will also be made available to transit riders, and those who do not use transit in order to better understand how residents of Whitehorse travel, and how they feel about current transit service.

Will my bus route change as a result of the study?

Perhaps. This study will provide recommendations to Whitehorse Transit, which will maintain the strengths of the current system, and address what is not working. These recommendations may include the proposal of new or adjusted routes or schedules, however these changes would be made in consultation with the community, and for its benefit. If you wish to preserve or change any part of the Whitehorse Transit routes, please fill in our customer satisfaction survey and let us know your thoughts!

What is the study schedule?

From October 17th to 19th, the Stantec consulting team will be present in Whitehorse for a Community Engagement Week. During this time they will be meeting with community groups, talking to transit riders, and gaining a better understanding of how people travel in Whitehorse, and what problems may exist with the current system. Recommendations and a Master Plan will be produced over the Fall and Winter in consultation with Whitehorse Transit, and a final Master Plan and presentation of findings will be presented in early 2018.

Where can I share my ideas about redesigning the system?

Please take our transit survey! Stantec will actively review all comments provided in the survey, and will incorporate your thoughts and perspectives into this study as best we can. We value the perspectives of all residents in Whitehorse, whether you currently use transit or not!